Sullair Portable Air Compressors

When it comes to Sullair portable air compressors, they are recognized around the world for their outstanding craftsmanship, universal applicable design, and high quality. They range from 125 to 1600 cfm with pressures from 100 psig to 500 psig. In addition, they are offered in a wide variety of mounting options, such as tw0-wheel, tandem, and tri-axle versions.

Sullair continually innovates and explores new ideas to make better and more energy-efficient air compressors for its customers. Here are the components and features that Sullair continues to improve on:

Portable Air Compressor Power - Where mobility is needed, the air compressor equipment you choose can be critical to the success of your operation. Sullair Air Compressors have diesel engines as the power source. Most models are towable or can be placed on the back of trucks. Sullair Air Compressors are rugged in order to withstand the physical burden of portability. They are also reliable as when it gets to the site there is nothing more important then it working properly.

Original Equipment Manufactured Components - Sullair air compressor units are made to suit your needs with many customizable parts. These portable air compressors are built to your requirements and specifications. This allows Sullair air compressors to be included in large assemblies. This increases the range of capabilities that their air compressors fulfill to better help serve the drilling, gas processing, and offshore platform businesses.

There are three things you can expect from Sullair air compressors:

  1. Reliability
  2. Durability
  3. Performance

You can always feel confident when you're purchasing a Sullair Portable Air Compressor for your working tasks and projects. It can handle anything that comes its way. It features a rotary screw compressor, compass controller,  monitoring and control system for real-time system information, and Sullair AWF compressor fluid to help adapt the portable air compressor in hot and cold weather. These are just a few of the benefits that the Sullair portable air compressor can do for anyone that does industrial work whether on the job or whether you are tackling a side project.

At Socal Sullair, we have used Sullair portable air compressors for sale. Why spend money on a brand new compressor, when you can purchase one at a lesser amount. If you are interested in purchasing a portable air compresor, contact us at  (714) 531 8239 today. We'd be a more than happy to make sure you leave here with a used, yet high-quality portable air compressors for your industrial projects.

Sullair Portable Air Compressors