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The Sullair Corporation in the City of Michigan of Indiana has been one of the distinguished air compressor manufacturing companies in the world to date. One among the four major companies which constitute the industrial division of Hamilton Sundstrand, the Sullair Corporation has specialized in making rotary screw air compressors, gas compressors and integrally geared compressors. The Sullair industrial air compressors are big compressors exclusively designed to compress the volume of air at high pressures, usually more than the normal pressure at the atmospheric level by decreasing its volume. They are mainly large construction grade air compressors used for big drilling projects and constructing grade air tools such as the jackhammer and many more. These air compressors are made portable to lessen the difficulties associated with air compressors & make the job of all people in need of these, simple and easy.

sullair air compressor

Components of a Sullair Air Compressor

The Sullair air compressor is a strong, sturdy and a reliable engineered system equipped with the latest replaceable machine parts and gadgets. Different high-performance parts make up the Sullair air compressor. These include:

  • The top class efficiency separators, downstream filter elements and the fluid filters such as the oil filters, to suit its compressed air tool the best.
  • The Sullair air compressor lubricant is specialized to treat only the Sullair compressors.
  • The rotary screws, removable modular cover, the adjustable height hook and the giant compartmental tool box.
  • E-Z lube axle, the side curbed instruction panel, SSAM shutting down downstream system.
  • Disconnecting battery switch, warm up valve, an emergency stop, start switch of rocker type, the shutdown switches.
  • Water and fuel separators, the three staged air filters, air filled inlet valve, AWF compressor fluid, long lasting powder coat finish, broad wide track, galvanized metal steel, tail lights and the rear bumper.


Features of the Air Compressor, Sullair:

The additional features of a Sullair air compressor are the ones that make it a supreme and versatile machine. It is crafted to cross mount on utility type trucks. The pockets lifted by forks enhance the process of installation and removal from the trucks. The coded color lines and pneumatic inlet valves offers a full capacity control from 0 to 100 percent. The low emission engine technology has further geared in the process of making the Sullair air compressor a unique piece. Even the galvanized metal sheets, non corrosive aluminum panel doors, resistant plated fittings and the durable baked on powder coat paints are played no less important roles. Moreover, the outstanding system of dual filtration method and an all climatic and weather condition resistant compressor fluid have helped in adding a cherry to the top.

Sullair air compressors have proved to stand by its words and promises in delivering the finest quality air compressors that you have still now only been able to imagine to incorporate in your drilling and construction projects and business. Their motto is thus said to hold good: "Always air. Always there".

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Sullair Air Compressors for Sale
Sullair Air Compressors for Sale
Sullair Air Compressors for Sale
Sullair Air Compressors for Sale